The once-daily capsule that protects and supports both brain and body.

OmegaX3 contains a powerful blend of high-quality Omegas 3, 6, and 9. A triple boost of vital fatty acids that support healthy joints, heart, and blood-sugar.

Plus, it features the protective “smart fats” from Coconut and Flax seed oils to turn your brain up to full-power, and support memory function at the same time.

OmegaX3’s rich plant-based oils also create a powerful web of membrane support for vibrant skin elasticity and integrity. By nature it’s 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten free, with no fishy aftertaste.

Important benefits for any BODY

Make your next doctor’s appointment a success.

The optimal blend of omega fatty acids in OmegaX3 are formulated to support:

Diet and exercise alone are never enough. OmegaX3 gives your body the nutrients it needs to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Supporting your health can be easy with OmegaX3

OmegaX3 is about more than just managing your health and reducing your waist line. It’s about feeling lively and younger inside and out. It’s about staying sharp mentally and having more energy physically. It’s about taking control and making strides towards a healthier life.

Supplementing with chromium also helps the body build lean muscle mass and metabolize fat more efficiently.